ABUNDANCE: Where Spiritual Programs Go Wrong

Do you feel like everywhere you look these days that spirituality has become a “marketing trap?” The current hawking of spirituality as a product and promise of “an even more perfect life” is particularly troublesome when the program or the person promises something they cannot, and never really intended to deliver. Yet people continue to spend millions of dollars every year on all kinds of different products that will never, ever deliver on their promises.

I once asked a very wealthy, and supposedly very spiritual person, a man who had sold lots of books, programs and monthly subscriptions to many people from all over the world, “How many people actually used and applied the information he gave them?”

His response floored me: “Oh most people, I’d say about 96% of the people who buy my programs, don’t use the information at all.”

When I asked him, “Don’t you feel even a little bit bad about the fact that more people are not choosing to apply what information you have in your various programs?”

He totally brushed it off saying, “Naw. It’s their lives. I don’t care whether they use my information as long as they pay. And I make a shit load of money off them.”

I was more than a little bit appalled at his response, but thought I would try to dig a little deeper. So I asked him, “What about the other 4% who are actually using your programs. Do you feel differently about them? Are any of them actually successful?”

His reply was very telling, “Well those 4% of people are the ones who are already motivated in their lives and would probably have been fine without my information. But, we make sure that these people take the bait of another “new and improved” version of any program they have already purchased from my company. So this 4%, they always keep coming back for more. And, of course, this means that we make even more money off of them.”

I was floored. I commented, “So when it all comes down to it, for you, it’s really all about the money and you couldn’t care less about whether they use it or are successful or apply anything you sell them?”

“That’s pretty much it. Yup.” he said.

I expected “spiritual people,” the ones who said they were “helping people get a better life” by teaching them spiritual principles to be a different kettle of fish, so to speak, with a higher standard of ethics. But much to my dismay, many of them were as bad as any of the sociopathic people who I had worked for in politics.

Why People Don’t Change

At the same time, I think most people are inherently scared, or you might go so far as to say pretty lazy, when it comes to change. A person who buys spiritual program or book with a a “do it all for you” promise, one that also promises that they won’t really have to work all that hard but can feel spiritual at the same time, will buy anything.

Many people say that they really want to change, but at the same time, these same people really don’t want to have to work that hard or change too much in their lives to get that change.

What’s to be done about this?

The Real Law Of Attraction

I think Dr. Robert Anthony gave a great explanation of the Law Of Attraction in one of his newsletters.  I want to share it with you:

“Through choosing your intention and then locking your attention,  you have chosen – and continue to choose to participate in whichever universe you are currently participating in. So the question we must ask is, which one are we choosing, or more importantly which one will we choose?

Think about this.  What scientists and physicists are discovering is that we exist simultaneously in many different forms, dimensions and time.  We choose which reality we want to live in based on our intentions and attention.

Now I know your head is about to explode because this seems so unreal, but it is more real than you can imagine or accept right now.

What every theory in quantum physics has in common is that you are the observer and the participant. With your clearly defined intention and your unbending and consistent attention, you choose which world you’re going to participate in. Science tells us that the things we observe in our outer world are nothing more than a projection from our inner world. Okay, take a breath and let’s put it in practical terms.

Imagine you offer a vibration for the future that you want to create $100,000 in the next year. If you are focusing on that, feeling it, acting on it and then reinforcing it with your actions, the money starts to take physical form. Conversely, if you’re putting out an intention of $100,000 and you stress out when your credit card bill comes in and you keep telling your friends how broke you are and how bad the economy is, then they cancel each other out.

Anytime you think, feel and act broke, or worry about the economy, you are sending out a vibration that is bound to cancel your intention. This is why so many people struggle with manifesting the things they desire in their lives.  In other words, only vibrations that are in resonance with each other can harmonize.  This is the scientific principle behind the Law of Attraction.

Since we create our reality on whichever dimension we choose to participate, it is critical that the big three – thoughts, feelings and emotions – are in harmony along with our actions. If they are not in sync, your present and future won’t harmonize. They will intercept, and they will cancel each other out.

Now you can see how setting your desire or intention in the present, that is, creating your vibration, equates with how you are choosing to participate in the universe. If the vibration you are offering is out of resonance or harmony with what is coming back from your future, you won’t be able to create it.

This is why making a decision based on where you are going, not where you are is so critical. The key is to accept where you are without resistance.  You accept “what is” without fighting it, but you keep your intention on your desire. This is the secret to manifestation.”

If you remain at this high level of vibration then you must realize that you don’t have to create your desire. It is already created! You just have to align with it. What you desire is in the quantum field of possibilities (alternate universe if you will).  So get in harmony with it, start taking action based upon it and that is what will unfold.

From Me To You

What are you focusing on attracting right now? Below is an abundance meditation that I use to attract abundance into my own life. You can say it out loud or to yourself any time, day or night, and it will help you get focused in the right direction so you can attract abundance your way:

“Shream Breeze. Shream Breeze. Shream Breeze. My mid brain is wide open and money is pouring into my life from all directions. I am healthy, wealthy and happy and I think God for all my blessings.”

Try the abundance meditation above for 30 straight days and see what happens. Then share your results in the comments below.

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