ABUNDANCE: Heart Chips and Free Cars: How Abundance Manifests In Hilarious Way

Move over Jesus Toast, the Heart Chip is in town.

My husband and I moved to Hervey Bay, Australia for the winter. We had been told that Hervey Bay was a great place to kiteboard, and also that it was far warmer for the winter months of May through September than our home just south of Perth on the west coast of Australia.  So, we packed up our kite gear and beach clothes, rented an Airbnb and got all set up in our new location. However, after two months, both my husband and I were beginning to feel strongly that Hervey Bay was just not quite right.

First of all, we had waited two months, and there had not been one good day of wind for kiteboarding. Second, we were cold. We had to go out and buy warm socks, were wearing our sweaters all the time, and had the heat on inside the condo every night. Finally, my husband just couldn’t take the cold and the waiting for the wind to pick up anymore. “We have to get out of here,” he said at dinner one night.

I replied, “God will give us a clear sign if we are to leave, and that sign will tell us what we are to do next. Let’s trust that.”

We did not tell one single soul that we were planning this huge move, but the very next day we were offered the use of a free car for all the time we would be on the east coast until we returned back to Perth (we don’t own a car). A few minutes after we were offered the free car on the same day, I opened a bag of chips, reached into the bag and pulled one out. This chip looked a little weird, so I stopped and examined it closer before I popped it into my mouth.

This corn chip had another piece of corn chip attached to the top of it that, I swear, was the shape of a heart. I find heart rocks all over the world, but a heart chip? This was a new one on me. It was as if The Universe was winking in solidarity, and dazzling me with how clever it could be in designing exact signs and answers we needed.

We were on a roll then. Within a few more hours that same day, we manifested with ease a new place to stay north of Cairns, at the exact location we had been researching online.  The winds at this new location were heading into full-on perfect as it was kiteboarding season. It was also more tropical and so was far warmer in climate, just as my husband had asked for. Not only that, the new Airbnb location was less expensive that what we had been paying in Hervey Bay, where we were just sitting around and freezing our butts off!

I looked at my husband that night at dinner, laughed and said, “Well, I’ll take all these signs today as a yes!” We spent that evening making  all of the arrangements. Now it is a few weeks later, we have made the big move  and I am writing this blog at the new spot in Palm Cove. We have been here only three days now, but it is ticks all the boxes for us.

I share this with you because many people find manifesting their greater good quite hard, and especially in things like money. But God, Source, Spirit, The Universe or even the FP (The infinite Field of Potentiality as Pam Grout calls it),  truly does move in mysterious, and often hilarious ways. We just have to be open to the signs as they appear. Sometimes our abundance comes in unexpected ways, like free cars and heart chips.

From Me To You

Here is an affirmation to try. From what I now understand, our mid brains have a lot to do with whether our affirmations and manifestations become a reality for us. (more on that in a future blog!) The affirmation below works really well for me. See how it works for you.

“Shream Breeze! Shream Breeze! Shream Breeze! My mid brain is wide open, and money is pouring into my life from all directions. I am healthy, wealthy and happy and I thank God for all my blessings.” 

Share any hilarious signs of abundance that you receive after using this affirmation in the comments below!

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