HEALTH: All Our Answers Are Within Us

Years ago when I had some health concerns, I met a healer named Dan, a well-respected massage therapist at the Miraval Spa, located in Tuscon, Arizona. When I first sat on the massage table, Dan made what I thought was a very bold statement: “Healing is possible, no matter what your circumstances.” He said this with such conviction and certainty that it was hard to argue.

However, I chose to question it: “How do you know this for a fact?”

“It is a spiritual law. You must first heal yourself on the inside. Only then can healing take place on the outside, where you can see it.”

“But how do you know this?” I insisted.

Dan smiled. “I have seen it time after time. Once a person is truly ready, they can be reborn from the inside out. They can heal themselves.”
Of course I wondered if I was ready for this.
In response to my puzzlement, Dan said, “Yes, you are ready. The time is now.”

I was really surprised by his next question. “If you could walk away from it all and start your life now with a clean slate, chuck everything and start again, what would you do?”

“You mean all of it? As in, all of it?” I replied, wishing that what he had suggested could be true.

“All of it!” he said emphatically, and I felt as if he was looking right into my soul.

The next words flowed from my mouth without hesitation or forethought. “Oh God I know exactly what I would do! I would talk to people and I would write. That’s it.” I gave a huge sigh of longing at the thought.

“And why are you not doing this now?” Dan asked, his piercing blue eyes looking straight into mine.

“Uhhhhhh…..” was all I could manage.

“Now you see!” Dan exclaimed. “By postponing your own joy in life, you will remain stuck in this position. You could change everything right now if you wanted to. Until you are ready to give birth to this new self, your life will stay the same, and you will remain in a state of dis-ease. So you need to ask yourself how long are you willing to put up with this? When are you going to awaken the you that has been waiting a lifetime to be born?”

With a few words he had pierced me to the very core and my tears began to flow. With my head down I cried, “I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know!”

After a minute or two he said gently, “You know, Mary Anne, you can make this change in an instant. An instant.” Dan snapped his fingers. “That is all it takes to make this shift. It happens first in your mind, then in your words and actions, and then in your life. And it can all begin in a flash with a simple decision, just like that!” Dan snapped his fingers again.

I was stunned. “That’s it?” I asked. “That’s all it takes to finally take charge of my destiny?”

“Yes.” Dan replied, the word reverberated through my soul.

“Somehow I thought it would be much more complicated than that.” I said.

“Nope” he replied with a smile.

“So by changing your thoughts you can change your world?” I asked.

“That’s it. Exactly.” Dan said.

A profound sense of relief began to permeate my entire body and I could feel my tension ebbing away.

Dan said, “You must understand how important it is to listen to yourself. There is nothing I or anyone else can give you, tell you, or do for you. You have been searching your whole life for someone or something outside of yourself to give you the answer and yet it has been inside you all along. It is there now. Your inner guide will tell you what you need to do at any given moment. Stop looking outside yourself for the answer. It is now, and always has been, within….If people understood how important it is to be mindful of their thoughts they would be amazed at how profoundly they could transform themselves and the world around them. You have that power inside of you, Mary Anne. If you would just write about what you are experiencing on a daily basis, many people could benefit from your experiences, thoughts and meditations. Be an example of how we can all manifest the life of our dreams, and you will do a great service for humanity. If not, you would be just another example of a life not fully realized. It’s always your choice.”

Even though my massage session was over and although Dan had barely touched me with his hands, his words transformed my world that day.*

*Excerpt from Mary Anne Dorward’s new book, Survive To Thrive: 11 Keys To Unlock Your Thriving Life. Sign up on the right to be notified when it’s available on Amazon.

From Me To You:

One of my favorite quotes is from Julian Of Norwich, “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.” My visit with the shaman named Dan assured me that all shall be well if I said so, I decided so and I acted so.

Do you believe that your thoughts create your reality? If so, how has this truth manifested in your own life? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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