FREEDOM: The Acorn and The Oak Tree

I’ve been thinking over my life and it’s become clear to me that sometimes when we “crack” it the only way that “The Light” can truly get in.

We’re like the acorn striving to become an oak tree. It begins as a raw little seed (our essence) unprotected by the tough hardy acorn shell. This tiny seed – already destined to become a grand oak tree – is doomed if it cannot build around itself a strong shell.

The seed represents all the amazing raw material we are each born with, our essence potential, containing the God-energy that inevitably leads us toward perfect completion. The acorn, tough and hardened, is like our personality, the home of our ego, a protected covering for us to use while we are developing out in the world.

At some point in time – given the right circumstance or series of circumstances- the acorn breaks open, shedding it’s protective boundaries, allowing its essence to pour out from the center, rising up toward the sun, pursuing its destiny.

The Light gets in and we grow and grow and grow until we are, each of us, these huge amazing trees of shelter and new birth right where we stand.

Later in life, each oak tree produces other seeds, complete with their protective coverings, and so these trees of life propagate and grow and grow and grow again.

And isn’t it interesting that the finished product, an oak tree, does not even vaguely resemble the acorn!

This too is our story.

From Me To You

I stand in awe for each of our potential for growth, evolution and change.

What is one area of your life where you would like to develop more courage to let The Light in?

What do you intuitively feel is preventing you from doing that?

Why not take one small step this week to let new seeds of growth sprout in your life?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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