CHOICES: Releasing Your Inner Splendor

We all tend to take a particular “side” about everything: it is good or bad, better than or less than, right or wrong? As we learning to live a truly thriving life, we learn how to step away from judgment and use the process of evaluation instead. The only question then becomes: Is that a place I think I can learn something, or is it something I wish to stay away from?

Nothing is right or wrong in the spiritual sense; it is merely a lesson someone has chosen to learn. Once we learn this, then we become a “witness” to the choices others have made, without judging if they differ from our own.

Our journey is defining who we wish to be and accepting who we are. Little by little, we learn to let go of the way others think our life should be; that is always their problem to deal with, not ours.

Our souls grows with each bit of wisdom they take in. We really can let go of worrying about the insensitivity or judgment of others. All we need to focus on is being ourselves, being happy, and living our life.

So start today to let go of trying to control or convert anyone. Everyone has to make their own decisions and learn to live with them. Decide to be unaffected by others. The choice, as always, is yours.

From Me To You

The fact that we only need to focus on living our own life is a huge relief isn’t it? Together, we can all throw off the bowlines of our old ways of thinking and being in our lives. We can catch the trade winds in our collective sails which will move us gracefully into our new future of infinite choices and possibilities.

There’s a quote of the poet Robert Browning that I have always loved:

“The truth consists of creating an outlet so that the imprisoned splendor may escape.”

If we could just focus on living our own lives, and allowing each of our imprisoned splendor to escape, wouldn’t life be so much more interesting and fun? How might we live our lives differently? Would we embrace change in our lives more willingly and live with a greater sense of curiosity? I celebrate our capacity, that is always within us, to discover how truly magnificent we truly are.

What is your own unique imprisoned splendor that you have to offer the world? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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