CHOICES: How In The World Do We Ever Choose?

There is so much inner self talk and so many different sides of any point going on in our minds all the time. Whenever there is some choice that needs to be made in our future, we can easily become confused about what path we should follow. This includes everything from the food we choose to eat, to what we choose to do with our lives.

When we look back in time and consider the choices we have made in the past, there appear to be many choices we should have followed. So how can we relax and go with the flow when there are so many points of views in our heads going on all the time? How in the world do we ever choose any course of action?

Contained within our heads is everything to which we have been exposed to since entering that human form. This includes things that have been told to us, things that we have observed, and things that we have read. In addition, there is another section of our minds which contributes from the unconscious aspects, including all the activity in which our soul has participated throughout all its incarnations of physicality.

At the controls of all this information is us with our freedom of choice. We determine what we permit to be of influence on us, and what is just background noise. If we are focused on looking for a way to pursue our life lessons and spiritual journey, we need to step out of ego judgment and into loving evaluation. We do this by rejecting any thoughts that come accompanied by judging, rating, or grading the possibilities they express.

Once we have removed the competitive aspects, the next step is to run all the remaining proposals through our intuition, or our “feelings,” to see what resonates with us. There are a number of things we chose to have appear in our life, and these will be recognized by us if you evaluate them with our inner essence, or inner guidance.

We never need to listen to what others have said because they are not in our shoes; they are not living our life. It does not serve us one bit to worry about how some other choice might have worked out after the fact. We are far better served to study and see what we learned from the choices with which we actually followed through on.

The most important aspects to develop is our ability to relax and feel our way through our various options. Try not to be in a hurry to complete anything unless it feels totally the direction you seek.

From Me To You:

You can only really commit to one opinion at a time, so take your time to choose.

If you find yourself fighting with an option, you have entered into judgment, so disregard it and move to something else.

Once you have given this a try, you may observe shifts begin to take place in your life.

Please feel free to share in the comments below any important shifts that you notice going on in your life right now.

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