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HEALTH: How To Change What We Believe Is Possible

When my father died of a heart attack in August 2014, I entered a period of questioning many of the “givens” and “assumptions” of my life. I was already asking myself if the following statement was true: “All the people in my family die of heart attacks, strokes and cancer and one or all of […]


FREEDOM: The Polar Bear Takes A Leap Of Faith

I recently heard an amazing story about a polar bear. This polar bear lived in a zoo and the zoo management where he lived decided to redesign his habitat. To keep the polar bear safe during the process of creating this new and much more beautiful, expansive habitat, the zookeepers created a large cage and […]


HEALTH: All Our Answers Are Within Us

Years ago when I had some health concerns, I met a healer named Dan, a well-respected massage therapist at the Miraval Spa, located in Tuscon, Arizona. When I first sat on the massage table, Dan made what I thought was a very bold statement: “Healing is possible, no matter what your circumstances.” He said this […]

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