What keeps most people stuck? The answer to that question is hidden within our Thoughts and Beliefs. A belief is simply a thought that we think over and over again. If we think the same thought often enough, it becomes our belief.

Most people share the constantly repeating thought and underlying belief that they don’t “have enough” and that therefore, they “are not enough.” Ever. At the same time, there’s also this pervasive belief that somehow, we’re all missing something and if we only knew what that something was, and possessed it, we’d all be a lot happier.

We all have this belief that we need more of everything.  You name it, we need it: more money, more stuff, more time, more energy, more information, more certainty, more resources, more thinness, more opportunities, more…..everything. We tell ourselves that without having one (or all) of these things first, we can’t do what we want – now, soon or in the future.

This belief that “there is something missing” or we “don’t have what we need in order to create what we want,” or that we’re just “not enough,” is the biggest source of unhappiness and dissatisfaction in the world today.It is also the greatest lie that we all tell ourselves.

Many people travel their entire lives on this journey, thinking and believing that one day they will find true happiness when they finally get somewhere. In fact, they are stuck right where they are, in a perpetual state of longing for more and living in a state of lack. This belief in lack keeps them stuck there.

It’s like we’re on an endless search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, all the while not realizing that we’ve been sitting right on top of the pot of gold we’ve been seeking the whole time. Our answers to everything lie within us.

Our constant focus on “not enough” causes us to resist the way things are right now. Our focus on “not enough” keeps our energy going around and around, perpetuating more “not enough” experiences to show up in our lives. Our focus on “not enough” ultimately prevents us from ever realizing the way we want things to be in the future, because all our energy is focused on “not enough” in our present moment.

But, before we can create our future abundance, we have to accept the way we are right now….in this moment. The true reality is that we have everything we need right now.

From Me To You: We Are The Cup

People always living in scarcity and struggle, with their belief’s that they are “never enough” and “it’s always going to be hard” modes, always see the cup as half empty. People who are positive thinkers see the cup as half full. People who understand their true connection to Source Energy see the cup as overflowing. But people who are truly living in The NOW, in The Flow, in true Alignment know they are the cup.

What’s keeping you from seeing yourself, with total acceptance right now, as “The Cup”? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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