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Words are powerful. The right word at the right time can change anything. I have found that certain words have the power to transform my thinking and carry me through some of the most difficult times. Which word or phrase have you relied upon to get you through a particular challenge or to shift your attitude? How did this deepen your understanding of yourself or rearrange your thinking?

I’d love to hear your personal stories, ideas and questions you are still seeking answers for. By sharing our life lessons, we all get stronger together. So here’s to life’s ups and downs. With the right words, we can get through anything!

Mary Anne Dorward

Look For The Pattern

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The swirling galaxies spreading across the universe

dance the same graceful spiral as does our DNA.

In our every cell, the electrons orbiting each atom’s nucleus

reflect the planets, twirling and spinning around the sun.


There is a pattern.  There is a pattern,

and it resounds through the world beyond us,

and finds its echo in the world within us.


When we see the moon as dark, hanging in shadow,

it is in truth no less than when it waxed full

and gently illumined our nights with mystery.


The sun continues to radiate its holy fires of life

even after it has dipped below our horizon

and dropped wholly out of simple sight.


There is a pattern.


Day follows night, as surely as night follows day.

The seasons move from growth to harvest and on through decay,

before the exuberance of rebirth in sudden spring.


The pattern repeats inexhaustibly across the milleniums

continually showing us this cycle of life, death and rebirth;

assuring us that dark is always a prelude to light, there is a pattern.


The pattern connects the stars, the trees, and even spiders,

the magnitudes, the moon, and each of our spirits.

And when our spirit rises away from the body,

it does not cease to dance.


The spirit continues to spiral on its way, in its own way,

up and through darkness, moving into light,

and then to more transcendent states beyond

as we waltz through the endless wonders of the universe.


~Mogh Ruith



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